Wednesday, October 27, 2010

being in an icky place.

"now is the time for guts and guile." elizabeth taylor

wow! i realized that i've been absent from this blog for entirely too long.  i have my reasons though. for a while i was in a really not so good place. have you ever experienced a time when things in your life are great? better than ever? you're being a productive busy bee, accomplishing goals left and right. all the while maintaining a motivated spirit to chase those dreams. and then out of no where something happens and you get stalled. it's like driving around on a windy road, on the darkest of nighs in your old 89' hoopty and the hoopty just stops. your stuck. you can't move and you're a little apprehensive about proceeding because it's so dark and gloomy outside of that comfort zone. well that was me. i was really stuck for a few months. things just weren't going in the direction that i thought they should be. despite my most concentrated efforts i wasn't experiencing the results that i thought i should. as a result, i lost my motivation and most importantly, i lost my creativity. i lost whatever motivation i had to design and create. there wasn't a creative bone in my body. someone or something had pillaged my creative juices. and i was not happy. nothing seemed to go right. creating is my lifeline and i was lifeless.  i was definitely in an icky place. to make matter worse, it seemed as though everyone else around me was getting ahead except me.

despite my icky state of mind, i held on to my faith. without it i would've completely lost my mind. in times like those it's necessary to have something to hold on to. i thought of sailor being caught in a storm. the waves outside may be unstable and the winds raging, but a boat is was keeps the sailor safe and provides him stability in the storm. my faith was my boat. my life was unsteady, boy was it rocky, but my faith provided me with balance and security. i knew that at some point in the right time i would come out of the place and rise to the top again. for me, my faith was the only thing that got me through. soon things begin to happen. after weeks of uncertainty my situation steadily began to change.  my motivation returned along with my best friend, creativity. my juices began to flow again.

everyone experiences the peaks and valley's of life.  one minute you're on top and the next minute we enter a bumpy plain and we're stagnant.  it's so easy to get stuck there and become complacent.  but remember anything in life worth having doesn't come to you easy.  so work diligently towards getting back on the peak.  remaining faithful in all you do.  understand in your heart and soul that it won't always be that way and soon enough you'll climb to that peak again.

have you ever been in an icky place? what helped you get out of that place?