Tuesday, December 14, 2010


"The only journey is the one within."~ Rainer Maria Rilke

wow! let me first say that i can’t even believe that it’s been almost a month since my last post. so much has happened since my last blog…or let's say 24 days ago. well probably one of the most major “accomplishments/ events” in my life has been my 25th birthday!!!! that’s right I am now a whole quarter of century old. It’s still pretty crazy when I think of it now. i’m 25… but it’s great! although, by no means am I wear I want to be in life, I have made some pretty challenging, heartwarming/wrenching, amazingly beautiful accomplishments and decisions in my life that have rendered me to this wonderful place in life that I am now. but my journey continues.

i feel some major things happening during this 25th year of my life and i want to be sure that i document every waking moment. everything, from the time i wake up to my new crazy and fun challenge to make an attempt to expand my cooking expertise by trying a new recipe at least once a week. it’ll all be documented, here of course, and on my new photo history blog; which i’m so incredibly excited about!

a little less than a month before my birthday i decided i wanted keep a photo history of my 25th year. yes, document everything that happens throughout this year through photos. i began this blog on tumblr, but because tumblr has been acting a little crazy these days, shutting down for random reasons and what not, i’ve decided to move this blog to my flikr account. i know can count on yahoo not shutting down. so to see what i’ve been up to for the past couple of weeks head on over to my tumblr here. but to follow the rest of my journey from this day on, head on over to my flickr page.conveniently, you’ll also be able to see my updates on flikr photostream over there to the left.

Have a lovely day!!

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