Tuesday, January 25, 2011

i finally have a plan!

okay i realize i may be a little late to posting my goals for the year, but here they are! i took some time this past weekend to narrow down my 9 general goals for this year. now within these general goals i'll need to set incremental goals to keep me on track, but i'm glad that i solidified a starting point.

my 2011 general goals
  1. raise credit score by 200 points.
  2. increase savings to $2,000.
  3. gain 500 followers on my blog.
  4. enroll in grad school in fall 2011.
  5. incorporate worship into my daily life by reading the bible, journaling, and praying.
  6. grow hair to apl length in 6 months ( june 2011)
  7. earn $5,000 from jewelry line.
  8. own my first home.
  9. pay off all credit card debt.
goal setting is a pretty vital part of my life. i've never been one for setting resolutions for the new year, but i'm a hard core advocate for mapping out the areas in my life that could stand to be modified, excelled in or completely eradicated.

when setting goals you don't want to aim to high with unrealistic capabilities. setting yourself up for disappointment. but you also don't want to limit yourself and forfeit an opportunity to challenge yourself. you have to develop a happy medium somewhere in between.  need some help in mapping out your plans for the year? the following links provide some helpful, fun and innovative strategies for goal planning.

every new year, i try to make it more spectacular, invigorating, adventurous, and victorious than the year before. and this year is no different. probably one of the most important points to remember when you give yourself a goal is that you may not always completely fulfill that goal. you may just partially complete it. but in my opinion, that's a thousand times better than doing nothing at all. as long as you are making steps towards achieving that goal, you've won half the battle. so what you only saved $1,500 instead of the $3,000 you set out to stack up. the fact you made a conscious effort to stash some extra funds away puts you a lot closer to that goal than if you hadn't set it. and even better, you have $1,500 more green than the year before.

sometimes goal setting/accomplishing can be difficult, but if you develop a plan, you make it easier to turn your dreams into the realities you hope for.

 happy goal setting!


  1. Really enjoyed this Nicole!! Thanks for posting. I look forward to reading your blog...so 499 more followers to go :)

  2. thanks tiff!!! glad you enjoyed it :-)

  3. Great insights, Nicole!