Monday, September 20, 2010

scars aren't always so bad.

"it's a shallow life that doesn't give a person a few scars." Garrison Keillor

scars tell a story. every scar tells a story of endurance and survival through the pain. they are a sign of heroism and strength. they are history. they are joyous because you were able to live through the pain to tell a story. they are a lesson. they teach you what to do and what not to do while teaching others. they are a sign of healing powers. they give character and uniqueness.

the physical nature of a scar is completely synonymous with the scars we acquire in life. we all experience things in our life that aren't the greatest. situations that plant themselves in our lives unbeknownst to us. they may not be the greatest, but they happen. without warning. they end up hurting us. leaving a wound so deep. often so deep they become unhealable, unable to mend its parts back together. however, more often than not they do heal. the wound will leave a scar, but it heals. they may start out as rough, bumpy and very noticeable scars, but over time they tend to smooth out in its appearance becoming barely unnoticed. but the victim of the scar knows its there. it serves as a constant reminder of the pain endured, but eventually overcome. it's the victims choice to allow themselves to be empowered by that scar rather than allow the scar to overcome them.

a scar is so much more than a scar. it can be someones gift, a source of motivation and encouragement that healing is possible. a scar doesn't mean that the world is over, it just means that you got a little banged up at one point in your life, but now you're all healed. as good as new.

scars aren't so bad. they give you a unique extraordinary since of character. no one has experienced what you have experienced. no one knows the severity of your situation. no one can copy that. we can share similarities in our scars but they are unique to us. use that a source of power and own it.

whether you have recently been bruised or your scars have been heled for quite some time know that your scar is beautiful in its nature. it's a sign of maturity and your undeniable strength to endure. take the necessay healing measures and you be renewed.

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