Friday, August 20, 2010


you must motivate yourself EVERYDAY. ~matthew stasior

as a creative i often find myself experiencing from a "creative block." it happens to the best of us. however, the important thing is to not stay in that state. if you're in a rut, experiencing writers/creative block or just need some spice in your life the following tips are sure to help and give you that nudge you need.

1. do at least one new creative thing a week. whether you're trying out a new tea or taking a walk in a new park. doing something different and out of the ordinary breaks up the monotony of your everyday life. it also helps to write down your experience afterwards.

2. have breakfast for dinner. i'm a huge fan of eating pancakes anytime of the day!

3. join a class or workshop. there are so many opportunities out there for you to learn something new. many  times they're free. i found a money management 101 class that i'll be starting next week and that's free! it's a way to learn something new and even a chance to meet some new people.

4. create a list or start writing things down. i recently started to keep a "tidbits" journal where i write down my thoughts and goals as they come to me. i'm often inundated with ideas at the wrong time. when i'm at work or on the metro. by writing my ideas down as they come to mind i can go back to them when i'm at a more relaxed and creative state.

5. be inspired by someone else. read some new blogs. read a new book or an article from a genre or someone that you wouldn't be typically attracted to. i get so excited and inspired when i find and read new blogs. it helps to foster new ideas and it's fun to see what other people are thinking and writing out there.

what are some things that you do to get out of a rut?


  1. Thanks for this...i find it to be hard to get out of my creative block. In fact, I'm in one now. Good ideas!